» Adequate space for equipments and materials to prevent mix-ups.  
» Plant layout ensures smooth Man & Material movement  maintaining the appropriate classification of areas.
» Unidirectional  Material Movement to prevent cross-contamination and mix-up.
» Appropriate gowning provided at Man entry to ensure required cleanliness levels in respective areas.
» Controlled environmental conditions provided in the areas as required.
» Flooring in the clean room areas is of smooth finish Kotah stones. The joints of Kotah stones are sealed with epoxy sealant.
» The internal walls in clean areas are smooth finished with coving.
» Lighting, temperature & ventilation are appropriate to ensure the safety & efficacy of the product.
» Dedicated AHU’s to prevent cross contamination    
Quality Systems
At Pell Tech Healthcare Pvt Ltd , our quality systems are based on the quality policy which is the Apex document.

To fulfill the requirement of the quality policy, quality manual is the guidance document to achieve the quality objectives.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are prepared, followed and updated as per the current good manufacturing guidelines to fulfill the requirement of quality manual.
  Manufacturing capabilities
  The facility is equipped to undertake the manufacturing for:
» Uncoated tablets and bilayered tablets
» Film coated tablets
» Direct compression granules (Compresure TM )
» Bulk pellets with modified release patterns and their Combinations (Pellincaps TM) for pharmaceuticals
» Capsules filled with pellets in final blisters or Aluminium strips
» Bulk / strip packing / blister packing of tablets.  
» Taste masked granules and powders. (Tastesure TM)  

Disclaimer : Pell Tech Health Care Pvt Ltd. respects Patent Laws and conventions of Pharmaceuticals as applicable in different countries. Product covered by valid patent are not offered or supplied for commercial use in those countries. It is Buyer's / Customer's responsibility to ensure that such commercial activity does not infrige any applicable patent rights.